About Rick Bowman

Rick holds a M.A. in Clinical Psychology and has held leadership positions in the U.S. military, business, mental health and education. His consultation has included mental health and human service agencies, non-profits, and companies such as the National Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Alyeska Pipeline Corporation, as well as speaking/consultation internationally in Russia, Cuba, and Jamaica. Rick has been employed as a Clinical Psychologist, Community College Professor, Assistant Principal, Alternative School Director, Student Services Director, and non-profit Assistant Executive Director.

You Gotta Make Your Free Throws

Almost any basketball fan understands the importance of making free throws.  This, of course, should be the easiest shot in basketball.  The player is 15 feet from the basket and there is no one guarding him, and he’s practiced shooting from this same spot for years.  However, how many times do we see great players consistently […]

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Shame and Intimacy

Human Intimacy: A Counter-Intuitive Answer to Shame

I know about toxic shame and the pain that it causes because I’ve been on a life long journey to eliminate it from my life. Having been raised in a dysfunctional family that was focused on the do’s and don’t’s of religion, and a message that real men don’t […]

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