Hiring a Parent Coach…

Nothing like a little pressure, right?

I mean, of all the things that you’ve ever sought coaching for,


Unlike parenting books, workshops, or other resources,

parent coaching is distinctive in its ability to bring out that which is

uniquely special, strong, and life-giving in YOU, in YOUR CHILD, and in YOUR FAMILY.

“There have been many people who have helped and encouraged us along the way, but you are the one who has been the most involved with us, who has put tools in our hands, and who has continually stood firm… Thank you for what you have done for Jacob; thank you for what you have done for our family. I believe I understand better how to be his mom because you have been part of our lives.”
Ginger, Parent of 14-year old boy with Asperger’s, Washington
“All your time on the phone was a great encouragement, and your words always made us feel we can all press on and move into a new season. Your face always shined with hope! Thank you!”
Jenny, Parent of a teen diagnosed with ODD, Washington

What can you expect?

The coaching relationship is a collaborative effort, driven by your commitment as a parent
to engage in a process of personal discovery and growth.
This will, in turn, generate positive growth and change throughout all areas of your family.

Because of its personal and engaging nature, coaching is capable of accelerating personal growth
by providing focus and creating a greater awareness of possibilities.


than parenting your child in ways
that bring joy, health & peace of mind to you both!

If you find yourself experiencing any of the following, I can help…

  • Desiring better relationships with your children
  • Questioning your parenting decisions
  • Feeling like the chaos has taken over your life or home
  • Desiring to see your child experience greater success in school
  • Desiring to regain parental authority in the home
  • Struggling to understand and deal with challenging behaviors
  • Struggling with aspects of autism/Asperger’s or other disabilities
  • Feeling that you are experiencing a lack of support in parenting
  • Finding little time to care for yourself so that you can care for your family
  • Facing the complicated dynamics of bringing a blended family together
  • Feeling the need for more balance in media influence in the lives of your children
  • Wishing to see your children reach their full potential
  • Lying awake at night wondering whether there IS AN ANSWER for what you’re facing

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that, as parents, we make an implicit vow when a child becomes part of our family
to do our best to love and care for that child,
and that keeping that vow is critical to the well-being of both parents and children.


there is hope for every parent, every child, and every family situation, regardless of the challenges they may face.
There are core strengths in every family that can be tapped into in order to meet their challenges,
and focusing on this core can generate the energy necessary for change.


every parent deserves a safe place to share their struggles and fears,
and receive the support they need to be at peace with themselves and the decisions they make as a parent.


It’s the place where you will find the support, the knowledge,
and ultimately the peace of mind you deserve through a relationship with a coach
who has only your best interests at heart.




  • DECREASE GUILT, ISOLATION & HOPELESSNESS you may feel over your parenting struggles.
  • FACILITATE increasing CLARITY OF VALUES, leading to greater CONFIDENCE in your parenting.
  • SUPPORT you in leveraging your parenting STRENGTHS and the strengths of your family.
  • HELP you increase SELF-CARE so that you can care well for your family.
  • BUILD your everyday family and life MANAGEMENT SKILLS, leading to increased PEACE in day-to-day life.
  • EQUIP you with KNOWLEDGE and STRATEGIES to help promote healthy brain development in your child
  • IMPROVE BONDING in all family relationships.

I want your parent coaching experience to feel like a rejuvenating time with a compassionate, trusted friend who is completely focused on your goals and has only your best interests at heart. 

Most parents find that they experience a relief from feelings of guilt and failure, and find themselves filled with renewed hope, energy, and peace.

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You can Expect:

  • To be listened to in a compassionate, non-judgmental way, paired with lots of understanding and support.

  • Questions that may surprise or challenge you.
  • To gain clarity about what really matters to you as parent
  • To gain confidence and peace in making those tough parenting decisions.
  • Relevant information and feedback that will help you redefine “problems”.
  • Spontaneous ideas which will often bring easy “solutions”.
  • To laugh more
  • To be more compassionate toward yourself and your children
  • To find more joy and peace of mind than you ever imagined possible in parenting.

You can expect that our partnership will create a lot of positive synergy,

and with that comes abundant creativity and lots of fun!

What you focus on grows.

Seems awfully simplistic right? But think about it…

What do you focus on when you try to “fix” a problem…?

You focus on “WHAT’S WRONG”.


Special Needs Kids

AS THE PARENT OF FOUR CHILDREN – two biological, one adopted, and one “bonus” son –
one of whom was diagnosed with ADD and one of whom experienced severe learning disabilities,
I know what it means to be a parent of children with special needs.  

I know the fear and uncertainty of trying to sort out what my child’s true needs were, and how to meet them.
I know the inner turmoil of trying to support them, while at the same time trying not to compensate
for their struggles in ways that might get in the way of their growth.  

I know the difficult place I often found myself in as I tried to advocate for my children
in positive ways that would generate a collaborative spirit
between myself and the school staff who were working with them.

AS A SPECIAL EDUCATOR, I know what schools go through in trying to meet the needs of all diverse learners with limited resources.  

I know how important it is to create good communication between
home and school, to collaborate as a team, investing time and energy
in coming up with creative solutions to meet each child’s unique needs.

I know how important it is to a family and to a child’s future
to look beyond just academic needs
to take into account social, emotional, and behavioral needs as well.

AS YOUR “TEAMMATE” in working with you as the parent of a special needs child,
whether as a consultant, or coach, or combination of both,
I know what it means to have someone there for you who understands the process of special education,
and has only your best interest and the best interest of your child at heart.

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